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The latest stable version of Mihon was released and the latest beta version was released .

Beta releases are intended for testing upcoming changes and may not be a stable experience.

Requires Android 8.0 or higher.


Check out the past release notes if you're upgrading from an earlier version.

In particular, refer to the v0.16.0, v0.16.1, v0.16.2, v0.16.3 and v0.16.4 release notes if you're updating from an earlier version.


  • Setting to install custom color profiles to get true colors (@wwww-wwww)


  • Permanently enable 32-bit color mode (@wwww-wwww)


  • Fix wrong dates in Updates and History tab due to time zone issues (@sirlag)
  • Fix app infinitely retries tracker update instead of failing after 3 tries (@MajorTanya)
  • Fix crash on Pixel devices
  • Fix crash when opening some heif/heic images (@az4521)
  • Fix crash in track date selection dialog (@ivaniskandar)
  • Fix dates for saved images on Samsung devices (@MajorTanya)
  • Fix colors getting distorted when opening CMYK jpeg images (@wwww-wwww)


Variant SHA-256
Universal b23e80aaf26c9cf0ba079e28918c0e28f7a82f79a7bb83d964cf6094698ab47a
arm64-v8a ba5ad2ac467ba7c2fead748d6bc6aec7643a7c0285456df4e84c44bd8be40205
armeabi-v7a 50acb11caba94a027a4c43ee4e073ecba74536a3d23d99fc1fa52c2250af2c64
x86 25bbaf6d562eacbfbe5bba77d14c78a48bba3098d77d81eb5ed60fe6479f1ab9
x86_64 50a19d36ac47af09a2bab439aa363a86e5cf97e69a2dd1100a357d70d97dd858

If you are unsure which version to choose then go with mihon-v0.16.5.apk


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AntsyLich, wwww-wwww, and 4 other contributors

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